Monday, August 15, 2005

How Many Men Does It Take...

I'm tellin' ya! You can lead them to the water and there they will stay! Logic plays NO part whatsoever in putting things together. I went and bought a picnic table and a canopied swing for the back yard. This was done to try and get rid of the Junque that Phred thought "wasn't too bad". He had said he would sand the glider down and paint it along with the two chairs that he had gotten from God-only-knows-where! I knew that was never gonna happen - 25 years, remember??? So, I bring the stuff home and he and Paul eventually started putting it together. After I got dinner going, I went out to check on the progress. They were on a break. I started looking at it and it just didn't seem right. I had to ask WTH is with this? Where's the supporting brace? Paul must've been tired, but Phred....kept insisting that they followed the "destructions". I told him I didn't care about the destructions..I was going on logic. The swing wasn't even close to the picture. I worked with Paul while Phred just kept paging through the instructions - after I pointed out WHERE they went wrong. He finally saw the picture that showed the mistake and said "Oh Paul...that was in Step 4C...we skipped that one." No Shit! That was also about the time that Phred asked how come I didn't come out sooner!?!?!?!

It's all together now and swings really nice! Tyler likes it, Nana likes it, and K-Role likes it! That's all that matters!


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